Alyeska Climbathon

Climbathon Climbers!

Alyeska has extended an unadvertised hotel package exclusively for climbers so you can enjoy a hot shower, delicious meal and a comfortable place to stay as soon as you’re done with your vertical efforts on the mountain. The Climbathon package includes a night stay and $50 resort credit to be used at any food and beverage location at Alyeska Resort! Book now through the link below:

2018 Alyeska Climbathon Climber's Special Rate - Book Here

Note: You must be registered in the event to use the special rate.

Express bib pick-up!

Want to start your event morning as stress-free as possible? Then you really want to take advantage of our Express Bib Pickup. Just scan and email your signed event liability release and model release forms to the Website Admin and we will have your bib and gift ready to go at the pre-event or at the Alyeska Aerial Tram base event day. Please Note: you will get an email confirmation that your forms have been received – if you do not get confirmation please contact us!

…and a special message from Burntski, Climbathon Event Director:

The challenge of an entire day lapping the North Face Trail is considerable. But, most of us do it with joy and pride, because in some weird way it’s what we like to do.  Probably the most difficult aspect of the Climbathon (for many of us) is not the physical commitment of a long day on the trail, but making the decision to set up your personal page and raise funds.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Just as you prepare for an event by first training at a level you are comfortable with and gradually increasing the load, start off your fund raising effort with easy and fun tasks. First, find that darn email that was sent when you registered for the Climbathon. It has all of the info you need to create your fundraising page.

Next, come up with a simple message and then find a photo or two to post on your page. (photos are the tricky part of the page set up, but your instruction pack and the instructions on your web page tell you how to re-size them.) Then think of a person in your life, who when asked to support your Climbathon effort - simply can’t say no. A friend, family member, or neighbor is the best place to start. Whether it’s a $10 donation or a $100, once you get that first “YES!” the next ask will be even easier!

The fundraising component of this event is critical for Let Every Woman Know Alaska and the Girdwood Clinic to continue their efforts in our communities. Please take a moment to put a page together, craft a message and successfully raise some $$$.

If you need any assistance in putting together your page or your message, or have suggestions, please contact the Website Admin.

Climb on!

Brian Burnett
Event Director, Alyeska Climbathon

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