Alyeska Climbathon 2020

First Last Company Sbup Team Name
Phillip Hardesty   Let Every Woman Know
Mason Hardesty   Let Every Woman Know
Owen Hardesty   Let Every Woman Know
Chelsea Farrell   Let Every Woman Know
Nicholas Curry    
Aaron Farrell   Let Every Woman Know
Terri Potter    
Cheryl Tope   The Once Ups
Grace Pereira    
Shanna Alexander    
Haley Craig   The Once Ups
Elizabeth Walker    
Lara Hildreth    
Chris Hildreth    
Cabell Hildreth    
Sage Hildreth    
Ann Marie Tomski   5 North
Desiree Page   The Once Ups
Tami Halverson   The Once Ups
Jack Potter   The Once Ups
Dawn Johnson    
Berntina Sankwich   Ovary Achievers
Connie Sankwich   Ovary Achievers
Kenneth Sankwich   Ovary Achievers
Arlene Rost   Ovary Achievers
Steven Larson    
Chloe Larson    
Afton Milliman    
Frieda Bean   Ovary Achievers
Neil King   Ovary Achievers
Nancy King   Ovary Achievers
Sue Wilkens    
Jim Cucurull   Let Every Woman Know
Mary Rita Ely   Let Every Woman Know
Colin Ely   Let Every Woman Know
Craig Ely   Let Every Woman Know
Teresa Arnold   Let Every Woman Know
Ervin Cano   Let Every Woman Know
Tiffany Briggs   Let Every Woman Know
Krystal Kompkoff   Alpha Dirty Girls
Shiway Wang   Redox CrossFit
Amy Quesenberry    
Maiken Erickson   Let Every Woman Know
Jesse Tope   The Once Ups
Anne Clark   5 North
Erin Tulip   The Once Ups
Martin Cassens    
Logan Wilkens    
Crystal Chapman   The Once Ups
Adam Chapman    
Meg Arminski   Redox CrossFit
Dorothy Brewer   The Once Ups
Kallie Jones   5 North
Ryan Jones   5 North
Mauri Long   Let Every Woman Know
Lisa Anglen    
Khrys Duddleston   Redox CrossFit
Cathy Mcgregor    
Denise Deal    
Brant Grifka    
Bria Johnston    
Nycoh Johnston    
Sheri Cole    
John Smith    
Christy Youngblood    
Kat Bevis   Alpha Dirty Girls
Lori Reetz   Alpha Dirty Girls
Cherith Lafferty   Alpha Dirty Girls
Keegan Bevis   Alpha Dirty Girls
Missy Roberts   Team Boots
Kristy Despars   Team Boots
Lisa Oakley   Let Every Woman Know
Amanda Calhoon    
Jean Marcey    
Heather Moon    
Christopher Kirk    
Aubrey Smith    
Shannon Erickson    
Stephanie Smith   Alyeska All-Stars
Meg Walsh   Redox CrossFit
Rachelle Alger   Mission Remission
Angie Harris   Team Boots
Hannah Brewster    
Kristin Folmar   Team Boots
Morgan Michelsohn   Redox CrossFit
Taylor Pisarsky   Alyeska All-Stars
Mark Wondzell   Dino Nuggets
Kevin Wondzell   Dino Nuggets
Abigail Wilson   Dino Nuggets
Josh Preston   Dino Nuggets
Audrey Preston   Dino Nuggets
Hannah Crowley   The Tumornators
Amy Porter   Alpha Dirty Girls
Shawna Nelson   Mission Remission
Brian Burnett    
Erin Galles   Redox CrossFit
Kerrie McLaughlin   The Tumornators
Kimberly Osburn    
Shelley Biss   Mountain Mamas
Stephanie Cox    
unknown PROD-2433