Alyeska Climbathon 2019
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Greetings all. After a 2 year break I'm tackling the Climbathon again, a loverly stroll  up the North Face Trail at Alyeska Ski Resort. This "stroll" really involves as many leg screaming, brain beating ascents as one do in a 10 hour time period, all to support gynecologic cancer awareness as well as the Girdwood Clinic. The last time I finished 6 laps (13.2 miles, 12,000 vertical feet) with 20 minutes to spare before the ending whistle. My goal this year is 7 laps, though honestly without wings and a motor I'm not sure how I will pull that off. 

Anyway, this is the money part. I'm part of the 5N Providence Team this year (climbing for those we care for). If you are so moved, please feel free to donate to myself or the team a fixed amount or on a per lap basis. We all appreciate your genorosity and good wishes.  Pray for sunshine, no bugs, and an escalator. 

Thanks Much!

Megan Clancy


  • Michael (about a month ago)

    Rock it

  • Anonymous (about a month ago)

    Go go go go go!!!!!

  • Leslie (about a month ago)


  • Chris (about a month ago)


  • Jocelyn (about a month ago)

    Not sure I could do it once. You're awesome!

  • Aree (about a month ago)

    Go Megan!

  • Candace (about a month ago)

    You rock!!!

  • Nancy (about 2 months ago)

    Better you than us! Mom and Dad

  • Colleen (about 2 months ago)

    You are one tough Alaskan Mama! Wishing for clear smokeless skies for the day of.

  • Christy (about 2 months ago)

    You rock doc!

  • Robert (about 2 months ago)


  • Nancy (about 2 months ago)

    What an amazing thing you are doing!!! Good luck and have a great time!

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What: Alyeska Climbathon 2019
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