Alyeska Climbathon 2021


Based on the safety and health of our community and participant survey results, the Alyeska Climbathon has decided to conduct a virtual event only for 2021!  On-line registration is closed.

PLEASE NOTE: The Alyeska Climbathon Live Race (Saturday, September 11th) has been cancelled. Please check your email (using the address you provided at registration) for addtional options and information.

What is the virtual Alyeska Climbathon?

The virtual Alyeska Climbathon can be run or walked on the North Face Trail at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood any time during the event dates from September 1st-10th, 2021. Run or walk on the trail (following local and state mandates and distancing guidelines).

Where can I run/walk?

On the North Face Trail at Resort Alyeska in Girdwood. You must follow local and state mandates and distancing guidelines in place at the time of the event and follow all rules of the trail and venue as you run/walk. There are two options for your route down, either take the tram or take an alternative trail down (this will be marked and confirmed to all climbers prior to the event date).

There are a number of things to consider with regard to Tram usage on event day(s) including (possibly) different operation hours, the possibility of long wait times (the Trams are loaded with limited capacity for COVID safety and Climbathon climbers cannot be given priority), and the fact you will be required to wear a face mask on the ride. Reduced climber and visitor capacity leaves no room for dogs – please leave your dogs on the valley floor!

Can I participate from out of State?

The virtual event will be held at Alyeska Resort on the North Face Trail. If you are not able to be there in person we encourage you to donate to the event or an event climber and cheer them on remotely!

Do I have to complete my laps all at one time?

You have between September 1st and September 10th to complete your laps. That can be completing the distance in one visit or breaking it up into multiple visits. We will have several local activities during the event dates and will update climbers on specifics before the event date.

Will the event be timed?

The virtual event is untimed.

Will the results be posted?

Yes, if you email your results (unofficial) to we will post them after the race closes - on the site with the past year’s results. 

How will people know I'm in the virtual run?

Registered virtual event climbers will receive an event gift and have access to a ceremonial bib that they can use to accent their participation pictures. The gift will be available at the Alyeska Resort Tram Ticket Office starting September 1st (and avaible through September 10) during posted business hours.

We encorage you to use your 2021 Virtual Climbathon bib (provided in your event info email or by request at  for your climb for photos or social media posts – or simply to have as a memento. We highly encourage all climbers to take photos of their climb and post them to their social media and tag us on Facebook: @AlyeskaClimbathon

Anything else?

We will keep climbers updated with new information through the website:, on our Facebook page: @AlyeskaClimbathon and by email.


  • Registration transfers and / or "bib swaps" are not permitted.
  • In order for the Tram to depart on schedule, the doors must be closed (so the system can initiate a trip) at least 30 seconds before the trip begins. Once the trip has been initiated, there is no option to open the doors.
  • During the course of the event, it may be necessary for the Tram to make an unscheduled trip to take down garbage. It is Alyeska Resort policy that only staff is allowed to ride the tram when there is a garbage run. In most instances, the departure schedule will be maintained (that is, the trash might head down at 4 minutes after, but the normally scheduled tram will be available for departure at the 0).
  • Please leave your dogs at home.
  • Hiking poles are allowed. An asterisk will appear next to your lap tally when you use poles.


This is a mountain event in Girdwood in September.  The event venue ranges from the valley floor to the high Alpine.  Enough said.


As many dry shirts (plus 1) as the number of laps you intend to complete

A post climb set of long pants and a coat.

BYOB.  Bring your own water bottle(s)!  We discourage the use of single serve vessels as they contribute to waste, having your own bottle will reduce the waste generated during this event.

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